The Glassman Law Group has represented our clients in connection with their acquisition, financing and leasing of commercial and residential real estate. Moreover, we have been successfully litigating real estate disputes for more than five decades.

For many of our clients, buying or selling a home will be one of the most important business transactions they will ever take part in. Despite the risks, most people make or accept an offer on a home without first consulting with a qualified real estate attorney. We urge you to not make the same mistake.

There are hundreds of problems that can arise in a so-called “simple” real estate transaction. For instance, there may be tax or mechanics' liens against the property, as well as judgments against the seller. Furthermore, a new certificate of occupancy may be required, or the purchaser may have difficulty obtaining financing. Even if financing is obtained, the purchaser may be overwhelmed by “hidden” costs related to the transaction.

Many of these problems can be avoided simply by consulting with an attorney. We at The Glassman Law Group can help you avoid these common real estate pitfalls. Give us a call for a free consultation.