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14 Injured in Shocking New York Bus Accident

Bus accidents have the potential to cause scores of injuries, and these crashes are often much more serious compared to a typical collision between two vehicles. The reason should be obvious: A bus has the potential to carry many more passengers than the average sedan – and that means more potential for hospitalizations and deaths. A recent New York bus accident highlighted this fact, and it has sent 14 people to the hospital with varying degrees of injuries.

Unlicensed Driver Injures 14 People in Brooklyn Bus Accident

On May 29th, it was reported that a woman driving without a license had injured 14 people after allegedly causing a serious crash involving an MTA bus. She was apparently driving without a license at the time. The 23-year-old was approaching an intersection when she rear-ended another vehicle. This impact sent the second vehicle into the intersection, where it was struck by a third vehicle. Meanwhile, the unlicensed driver continued to move through the intersection and was struck by the MTA bus.

The unlicensed driver’s passenger suffered some of the worst injuries, and she was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition. Eight people on the bus were also injured – including the bus driver. Fortunately, none of these individuals suffered serious injuries. The drivers of the two other vehicles in this chain-reaction crash were also hospitalized.

The unlicensed driver was arrested and charged with numerous crimes, including aggravated unlicensed operator and possession of a forged instrument.

Is Driving without a License a Form of Negligence?

Driving without a license is clearly illegal, but is it a form of negligence? Yes, driving without a license puts everyone at risk, and the people who do this clearly understand that they are circumventing a system designed to keep everyone on the road safe. Without a license, a driver has not been assessed and approved as a safe user of New York’s many roads and highways. It is no wonder why this individual caused a crash.

The real question is how the victims will recover compensation. If the driver had no license, she definitely had no insurance. Fortunately, New York’s no-fault system provides some compensation for injured victims without having to sue anyone or hold them accountable. This is a positive sign because the defendant would not have the ability to pay plaintiffs due to her lack of insurance and (assumedly) her lack of assets. As a last resort, injured victims could explore the possibility of suing the MTA.

Where Can I Find an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in New York?

If you’ve been searching for a qualified personal injury attorney in New York, look no further than the Glassman Law Group. We know that bus accidents can lead to scores of terrible injuries, and we’re ready to help victims fight for their rights. By exploring your options with us, you can pursue compensation for medical expenses, missed wages, and other damages. Reach out today to get started.


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