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Are New Yorkers Taking Advantage of COVID-19 Eviction Restrictions?

For much of the pandemic, the focus has been on the plight of renters in New York who cannot scrape together the cash to stay in their homes. While this is certainly a legitimate problem, landlords are also dealing with their own issues. These hard working New Yorkers are often swept under the rug, and very little is being said about the challenges they are facing. Make no mistake, some renters are taking advantage of COVID-19 eviction restrictions, and landlords are the ones who are suffering the consequences.

If you are a landlord who is dealing with legal issues related to eviction bans in New York,get in touch with a qualified, experienced attorney. Our legal professionals can make sure that you are approaching these disputes with an eye to your best interests. Although it is true that courts (and especially juries) are more likely to give preferential treatment to tenants rather than landlords, you can make your case effectively with the help of an attorney. As you will see, there are many situations in which landlords are clearly being taken advantage of.

Tenant Racks Up Over $50,000 in Unpaid Rent While Posting Apartment on Airbnb

In early July of 2021, it was reported that a tenant at a luxury apartment in New York City had missed months of rent payments - all while illegally renting out her apartment to strangers on Airbnb. The tenant was then sued, with the owners of the One Columbus Circle Building seeking $500,000 in damages. The lease actually expired on November 30th of 2021, but the tenant was able to continue living there. Over this period, the tenant allowed more than 45 guests to stay at the apartment via Airbnb while she pocketed the cash. According to the owners, this tenant had not paid rent since March of 2020.

Amazingly, this particular tenant had also been playing a similar game at a second apartment building, the Herald Towers building. Both of these buildings terminated the tenancy, but this individual was able to continue living there without permission. Even more amazing was the fact that the tenant filed a declaration of economic hardship, blaming the missed rent payments on financial issues caused by the pandemic. Unfortunately, the owners of the building cannot really do anything until August 31st, when New York’s eviction moratorium ends.

Holocaust Survivor Victimized by Squatter

Another similar story played out in Hampton Bays, where a holocaust survivor had to deal with an unruly squatter who destroyed her furniture, left bags of garbage on her front lawn, and then refused to move out. Although the landlord wanted this squatter to move out, he refused to do so, citing New York’s ban on evictions during the pandemic.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you are dealing with issues related to the eviction ban in New York, reach out to The Glassman Law Group today. Landlords are hardworking individuals, and they deserve equal treatment in the eyes of the law. Book your consultation today, and we will fight for your rights and make your tenants experience consequences for their unlawful actions.


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