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Electric Heater to Blame for Bronx Apartment Deaths

17 people recently died in a Bronx apartment fire, including eight children. There is already talk of legal action, and it is not hard to see why. The deaths have been deemed “preventable,” and questions have been raised about fire safety, various malfunctions, and a faulty heater. Whatever the case may be, no one can bring back the 17 people who have lost their lives from smoke inhalation, and many families in New York are now grieving these losses.

The truth is that many landlords are guilty of negligence in New York. While instances like this are tragic, tenants have options when they suffer at the hands of their landlords. They can get in touch with a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney who can hold landlords accountable for their misconduct and negligence. If you have suffered an injury at the hands of a landlord, you should get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible.

How Did This Happen?

On December 10th, it was reported that 17 people had lost their lives in a Bronx apartment fire. The fire was initially caused by a malfunctioning electric space heater. Although many residents fled the building, the fires continued to spread. This was due to a self-closing door that also malfunctioned, allowing the fire to spread. It is unclear why this self-closing door remained open. In addition, many of the fleeing victims failed to close doors on the way out, allowing smoke and fire to spread throughout the building.

Who is Being Sued?

Both the current and former owners of the apartment building are now being sued in a $3 billion, class-action lawsuit. This lawsuit also blames city officials for the tragedy, ostensibly because they did not enforce proper fire safety in the building. The lawsuit claims that the owners were repeatedly made aware of the deficiencies in the building. One resident says that for 15 years, she never once saw the self-closing door close on its own. The defendants are Bronx Park Phase III Preservation LLC, Lich Investment Group, Belveron Partners, Camber Property Group, Cammeby International Group, and Rubin Schron.

Filing a Wrongful Death Claim

In this situation, family members are suing the owner of the apartment for “wrongful death.” This means that they are filing a lawsuit on behalf of their deceased loved ones. By recovering a settlement via a wrongful death claim, families can pay for things like funeral expenses while also recovering additional funds to achieve a sense of closure.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you have been searching the New York area for a personal injury attorney, look no further than The Glassman Law Group. With our assistance, you can hold negligent landlords accountable and recover a considerable settlement for your losses. We can also help you file a wrongful death claim if you have lost a loved one in an apartment accident. Book your consultation today to learn more about your legal options.


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