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Family Sues MTA After Son Dragged by Train in Fatal Accident

The MTA has faced numerous lawsuits over the past few years, and recently yet another plaintiff took legal action against the transit organization. This time, a family is suing the MTA for a faulty system that allegedly dragged their son and caused his death. If they are successful, this lawsuit would be yet another example of negligence on the part of the MTA – an organization that has been accused of causing a wide range of safety hazards for average commuters. New Yorkers deserve the right to feel safe on the subway. But what can you do if you have been injured on the MTA? How can you get compensation for your injuries?

Shocking MTA Death Leads to Lawsuit

The parents of a deceased victim say their son was dragged by an MTA train, leaving him on the tracks and directly in the path of an oncoming train. They insist that this accident could have been prevented, and they are now planning to sue the MTA for $50 million in a wrongful death lawsuit. For whatever reason, the individual became stuck between the doors of the train. Next, the operator chose to set the train in motion despite the individual being trapped – something his parents say constitutes clear negligence. As of this writing, the MTA has merely stated that the incident was “tragic” and that it has led to “internal and independent reviews.”

According to the MTA, the trains have redundant safety features that prevent the trains from moving when their doors are not fully closed. But if this is true, then how could this accident have happened? According to the MTA, this represents an “exceedingly rare” situation – a freak accident, if you will. But for the parents who have lost a son with his entire life ahead of him, this explanation is not really good enough.

These lawsuits are becoming a regular occurrence for the MTA. In 2011, the organization spent over $500 million fighting or settling legal claims – a notable increase compared to just $140 million in 2011. After a short decline, these numbers rose once again in 2021, reaching $426 million. This is a 175% increase within a decade. It is difficult to argue with these numbers. More settlements mean that more people are becoming injured, and this should be eye-opening to all New Yorkers. The only question is whether lawsuits like this one will force the MTA to make real changes to its safety policies and systems.

Where Can I Find a Qualified Personal Injury Attorney in New York?

If you have been injured while on the MTA, you should get in touch with a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney at your earliest convenience. Choose the Glassman Law Group, and you can approach this difficult situation with a sense of confidence and efficiency. We know how dangerous the MTA can be, and you deserve to be compensated for injuries that could have been prevented. Your settlement can provide you with compensation for medical expenses, missed wages, emotional distress, and much more.


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