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How to Prove Your Car Crash in New York Was Caused by a Drunk Driver

Establishing who was to blame for your crash is important. In addition to helping you find closure and pursue justice after your injuries, assigning fault also helps you recover compensation. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to prove that someone was to blame for your car accident. Even if you are completely convinced that the other driver was intoxicated at the time of the crash, you still need to prove this without a doubt in a court of law.

Fortunately, there are plenty of legal professionals who can help you do this. Reach out to a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney in New York, and you can approach this situation in the most efficient way possible. We can help you gather evidence, convincing the court that a drunk driver was responsible for your crash and your injuries. This can make it easier to recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.

Drunk Driver in Long Island to Blame for Deadly Crash

On May 30th of 2021, it was reported that a drunk driver in Long Island had caused a serious, deadly crash involving multiple vehicles. Authorities stated that a 27-year-old woman crashed into multiple parked cars, and the impact claimed the life of a man who was sitting in one of these stationary vehicles. The woman was also carrying three passengers, all of whom were injured. The driver was also injured, and everyone involved was taken to a nearby hospital after the crash.

The woman faced manslaughter charges and a DWI, but the authorities were careful to state that these were “alleged” offenses. In order for this woman to see any consequences for her actions, the courts must first prove that she was actually drunk at the time of the crash. From the initial report, it was not clear whether or not she had been subject to a breathalyzer test or a roadside test.

How to Prove That a Drunk Driver Caused Your Crash

Simply proving that a driver was drunk at the time of the crash might not be enough. For example, the drunk driver may have been intoxicated while driving normally and according to the rules of the road. He may have even been the victim. Perhaps he was sitting in a parked car when the accident took place.

In order to establish fault, you must show that a driver’s negligence led directly to your injuries. This is called causation. You must establish a connection between a driver’s actions and your injuries.

Proving a driver was drunk at the time of the crash is usually quite straightforward. Your attorney will obtain the police report, which usually contains the results of breathalyzer tests and roadside tests. Your attorney can also examine video footage, interview witnesses, and much more.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you have been searching the New York area for an attorney you can trust, look no further than The Glassman Law Group. We have considerable experience with car accidents, especially those caused by drunk drivers. We will compile convincing evidence that makes it clear who was to blame for your crash, and we will fight for your rights as an injury victim. Reach out today, book your consultation, and we can develop an effective action plan together.


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