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Kia Sportage and Cadenza Vehicles Represent Major Fire Risk

New Yorkers put an enormous amount of trust in car manufacturers. These companies are responsible for our safety while we are on the road, and they have to design complex, advanced vehicles that are dependable. While it is true that a great deal of responsibility also falls on the motorists who are actually driving the vehicles, it could be argued that manufacturers shoulder a greater amount of liability. After all, even skilled drivers cannot protect themselves if their cars suddenly burst into flames.

This is actually more common than you might think. With so many advanced vehicles being produced these days, cars are packed with all kinds of electronic gadgets and features. With so much technology packed into these vehicles, it is only a matter of time before some of them explode or burst into flames. Fortunately, there is help available for anyone in New York who might have suffered injuries due to these accidents. Consult with a qualified, experienced personal injury lawyer, and you can file a product liability lawsuit against these car manufacturers and hold them accountable. In many cases, you can receive a significant amount of compensation for your damages.

Kia Vehicles Can Easily Catch Fire

In March of 2021, the New York Times posted an article warning Americans about the potential risk of two Kia vehicles. Certain Sportage and Cadenza models were recalled after it was discovered that they posed a significant fire risk. An electric component had the potential to short-circuit and cause fires in the engine compartment, potentially endangering the lives of innocent drivers.

In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration advised drivers to park these Kia models away from homes and other structures that might be inhabited. The culprit was an electrical circuit in the hydraulic electronic control unit. Drivers may smell a melting or burning odor if this component short-circuits.

This is hardly the first time a major car company has been caught in this type of situation. Over the years, companies like Hyundai and Toyota have been fined for selling substandard or dangerous automobiles. And of course, there have been widespread reports of electric cars catching fire or outright exploding. Tesla cars seem to be especially prone to spontaneous combustion, and questions have been raised about the safety of their batteries. One has to ask, what kinds of hazards still exist? After all, we only become aware of a faulty component after it has already failed. Many drivers in New York could be at risk without even knowing it.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you have been searching the New York area for an experienced, qualified attorney who can help you file a product liability lawsuit, look no further than The Glassman Law Group. With their help, you can receive a significant amount of compensation for injuries sustained due to malfunctioning or exploding automobiles. These car companies cannot keep getting away with selling the public dangerous products. With our help, you can hold them accountable and make the world a safer place.


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