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Suing for a Plane Crash in New York

While not as common as car crashes, plane crashes in New York are more common than many people realize. We tend to think that the aviation industry is now extremely safe – and in many ways, it is. However, the numbers do not lie. There is a real chance of being injured or killed in a plane crash – especially if you choose to board one of the smaller leisure aircraft or sightseeing planes. A recent crash in Long Island has highlighted this point quite clearly. But what can you do if you find yourself in this situation? Can you really sue?

Plane Crash in Long Island Causes One Fatality and Two Critical Injuries

The latest plane crash in New York occurred on March 6 when a small sightseeing plane crashed in Long Island. The pilot reported smoke in the cockpit before the plane went down. While the pilot survived with critical injuries, one of the passengers lost their life. A second passenger also suffered critical injuries. The pilot attempted to turn back for an emergency landing as soon as smoke was detected, but he did not make it back to Long Island. Local people immediately complained about how close the plane came to their homes, stating that planes have become more frequent in this airspace over the years. The NTSB later arrived at the scene and immediately began a full-scale investigation into the circumstances of the crash.

This was not the first time a plane had crashed in New York. Just a few weeks prior, in January 2023, a small plane crashed in White Plains, causing two fatalities. Once again, the aircraft experienced engine trouble shortly after take-off. The pilot reported low oil pressure and attempted to make an emergency landing – but the aircraft began losing altitude too quickly. The plane went down in a heavily wooded area, killing the pilot and the passenger. According to one report, one of the plane’s occupants was able to call his wife on his cell phone in order to say goodbye in the minutes before impact.

Suing for a Plane Crash

You may be able to sue a range of parties for a plane crash. One option may be to sue the company that organized the flight, such as a sightseeing business. Another option may be to sue the manufacturer of the aircraft for manufacturing or design defects. Speak with your attorney about your specific options.

Where Can I Find a Qualified Personal Injury Attorney in New York?

If you have been searching for an experienced personal injury attorney in New York, look no further than The Glassman Law Group. Over the years, we have helped numerous injured plaintiffs. Suing negligent parties after a plane crash can provide you with the compensation you need to cover medical expenses, missed wages, emotional distress, and any other damages you might have experienced. You can also sue on behalf of a loved one if you have lost a family member in a New York plane crash. Book your consultation today to get started.


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