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Who Can I Sue as a Hit-And-Run Victim in New York?

Unfortunately, many guilty drivers attempt to flee the scene after hitting pedestrians in New York. This situation is much more common than it should be. Even on Christmas day in 2020, a driver of a Lamborghini attempted to flee the scene of the crime after leaving two people injured. One of the victims eventually passed away from their injuries. Although the Lamborghini driver attempted to flee on foot and was eventually apprehended, many drivers successfully escape the scene of the crime after causing injuries to innocent people.

So, what happens if you cannot track down the person responsible for your injuries? What if they manage to drive away without anyone seeing their license plate number? If no one is willing to take responsibility for the crash, then how can you receive compensation? The good news is that you still have many options, even if the situation seems grim. After enlisting the help of a qualified, experienced attorney in New York, you can proceed in an efficient manner.

Do Not Give Up Hope

Although it might seem like there is no hope of ever tracking down the person responsible for your injuries, do not give up just yet. Have faith in the authorities, as they will use a wide range of available methods to track down the driver. They may view footage from various security cameras to determine the car’s license plate number. Authorities can also follow leads and track down the criminal with other methods. Many of these negligent drivers choose to turn themselves in eventually.

Filing a No-Fault Claim

In New York, you are allowed to file a no-fault claim through your insurance company. Even though you were not actually driving a car at the time of your injury, your car insurance will still cover your injuries. Normally, you would file a claim with the insurance company of the driver who caused your injuries. In the case of a hit-and-run, you would revert back to your own insurance policy.

Because New York is a “no-fault” state, it does not matter who was responsible for the injuries sustained during a crash. Injured people are always reimbursed for medical fees and other out-of-pocket expenses. It is worth mentioning that your insurance company may limit the amount of compensation you will receive. The legal minimum for bodily damage insurance coverage in New York is between $25,000 and $50,000.

What if I Have No Insurance?

What happens if you do not even drive a car? You may not have insurance in this situation, and so your options become limited. With no insurance coverage for either you or the driver (since they fled the scene), your only real option is to file a claim with the New York State Motor Vehicle Indemnification Corporation. Also known as the MVAIC, this organization may be sued for economic and non-economic damages, including pain and suffering.

Reach Out to a Qualified Personal Injury Lawyer Today

Regardless of your unique situation, there are always options available to you. Reach out to a qualified attorney in New York today, and you might discover that compensation is much easier to achieve than you initially thought. Call the Glassman Law Group, and we will fight for your rights as a pedestrian.


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