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Who Can You Sue if You Were Crushed by a Tree in New York?

It might seem like something that could never happen to you, but the truth is that falling trees are a real threat in New York. Whether you are driving down the road or walking on the sidewalk, trees can fall without warning, injuring or even killing you. This type of accident occurred recently in New York, proving that falling trees are more common than a lot of people realize. But the most important question is simple: Who can you sue if you were injured by one of these falling trees?

Whether you have lost a loved one or you suffered personal injuries, it always makes sense to get in touch with a personal injury attorney if you find yourself in a situation like this. With help from one of our legal professionals in New York, you can strive for the best possible results and pursue a fair settlement for everything you have been forced to endure. Due to the statute of limitations in New York, it is important to book your consultation as soon as you are able.

Man Crushed by Tree While Driving on New York Highway

To understand how serious this issue is, it is important to consider recent events. On June 20th of 2022, it was reported that a man was driving a pickup truck down the Palisades Interstate Parkway when a tree on the side of the road suddenly fell and toppled across the road. The tree somehow managed to catch the truck as it was driving along, crushing the vehicle and killing one passenger.

Not only was one passenger killed, but the driver was also severely injured. A second passenger was also critically wounded, suffering serious leg injuries. Authorities described this as a “one-in-a-million” event, stating that the tree just so happened to fall precisely when the truck was passing. Strong gusts of wind were reported in the area at that time.

Can You Sue for an Injury Caused by a Falling Tree?

The most important question is simple: Can you sue? At first glance, it might seem there is no negligent party at which you can point the finger. After all, you cannot sue a tree. But what about the forestry department? Should they shoulder some of the blame for not safely removing dangerous trees from the side of the road (or any high-traffic area, for that matter)? The only way to determine the answer is to book a consultation with an attorney.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you have been searching for a qualified personal injury attorney in New York, look no further than The Glassman Law Group. We know how traumatic and life-altering these accidents can be, and we are ready to help you identify and sue negligent parties. While suing for a fallen tree injury can be challenging in certain situations, you still deserve the right to explore your options. Book your consultation today, and we will provide targeted legal advice based on your unique situation.


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