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Workers Keep Dying at New York’s JFK Airport

About 35,000 people work at JFK Airport, and together they earn about $30 billion in wages and salaries. But are these wages really worth the risk? Considering the shocking number of fatalities and injuries over the past few months, people are starting to question whether this is truly a safe place to work. Yet another fatal accident has occurred at the airport, and this accident has claimed the lives of two workers. Unfortunately, this is not the first fatal accident we have seen at JFK – and it probably will not be the last.

Two Construction Workers Killed at JFK Airport

On April 4th, it was reported that two construction workers had lost their lives at JFK airport. The fatal accident involved the two workers being trapped underneath construction rubble due to a collapsed trench. This is something we have seen time and time again, with trench collapses being one of the most dangerous threats to construction workers across the nation. Firefighters attempted to rescue the workers but were ultimately unsuccessful. Other workers were not affected, suggesting that these individuals were the only ones in the trench at the time of the collapse. Politicians such as Kathy Hochul and Adrienne Adams have offered their condolences to the family members of the deceased workers.

Trench collapses often occur when there is inadequate support and reinforcement of the trench walls. The standard operating procedure is to insert a box or a similar form of reinforcement when the trench reaches a certain depth. An investigation is already underway, and this investigation will undoubtedly reveal whether certain safety protocols were breached in regard to the trench.

This is Not JFK’s First Accident

Unfortunately, this is a continuation of a worrying trend at JFK airport – one in which employees continue to suffer injuries. Some of these injuries are serious but non-fatal. In March of 2023 – barely a month prior to the trench collapse – a forklift worker’s leg was crushed. Like so many forklift injuries, this involved the machinery tipping over. The machinery left the worker trapped underneath. In truth, this individual was lucky to escape with his life – although he will never be the same after such a critical injury to his leg. One has to wonder how this will affect the worker’s life going forward. Will he have to stop playing the sports that he loves? Can he still walk his dog or play catch with his children? The worker was rushed to the hospital, and he apparently suffered serious blood loss as a result of this incident. Footage of the accident went viral.

In 2019, a tug operator lost his life after another accident at JFK Airport. Again, this involved the worker being crushed underneath heavy machinery – and this time, he could not be saved.

Where Can I Find a Qualified Workers’ Comp Attorney in New York?

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