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Yet Another Crane Collapse in Manhattan

Updated: Feb 11

Yet Another Crane Collapse in Manhattan

Manhattan is supposed to represent the beating heart of America’s economy, but the area seems to be falling apart before our very eyes. A number of crane collapses within just a few short months suggest that something is truly wrong with the construction industry in New York City – and the latest incident has led to five injuries. If these incidents represent the current condition of America’s most important city, then this “beating heart” of the nation is seemingly on the verge of cardiac arrest. 

Five Confirmed Injuries in Boom Truck Incident

On January 9, 2023, Fox News reported that a boom truck accident had left five individuals injured. All of these injured victims seem to have been workers, although that was not completely confirmed by authorities. The Department of Buildings says that “several workers” were injured by falling debris in connection with this incident. However, it was also confirmed that the equipment fell onto a public sidewalk – presenting the possibility of pedestrian injuries as well. Very few additional details were provided to the public. 

There is some debate over whether this incident qualified as a “crane collapse,” with some pointing out that a boom truck is not the same thing as a fully-fledged crane. Regardless of semantics, it seems clear that this was an incident involving construction equipment designed to help workers operate at heights – and something went seriously wrong. Whether it was a boom truck or a crane, it completely collapsed and caused life-threatening dangers for everyone in the vicinity. 

A follow-up report by the Fire Department of New York confirmed that while four of the injured workers were dealing with moderate issues, the fifth suffered a “serious injury.” While the exact cause of the incident has not yet been released, there is some speculation regarding severe weather – specifically wind. At the time of the accident, the city was experiencing winds of up to 60 miles per hour. 

How Can These Workers Pursue Compensation?

It is worth noting that under New York’s Scaffold Law, this would technically qualify as a “gravity-related incident.” This would, in turn, allow the injured workers to file personal injury lawsuits against any contractor or property owner involved in the accident. This is beneficial in the vast majority of cases because it provides the opportunity to pursue non-economic damages. By contrast, a workers’ compensation claim would only provide these workers with economic damages. To determine whether your construction accident qualifies as a gravity-related incident, consider speaking with a qualified personal injury attorney in New York. 

Find a Qualified Construction Accident Lawyer in Manhattan

If you have been searching for a construction accident lawyer in Manhattan, look no further than the Glassman Law Group. Over the years, we have helped numerous injured workers in New York City – and we know how dangerous crane collapses have become. With our help, you can pursue compensation for your various damages, including medical expenses and missed wages. Book your consultation today to get started. 



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