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Two New York Workers Die in Tragic Manure Accident

Workers face numerous threats in New York, and sometimes fatal accidents seem like unpreventable “freak” accidents. However, most workplace accidents can be avoidable with proper training, equipment, and supervision. Although it might be tempting to simply dismiss a strange workplace accident as a “freak occurrence,” each fatality should be investigated seriously. A workers’ compensation lawyer in New York can help families investigate fatal accidents and pursue the compensation they deserve. 

Two New York Workers Die After Falling into Manure Tank

In June of 2024, numerous media sources reported that a “freak accident” had caused the deaths of two firefighters in New York. The accident occurred at a farm, and it allegedly involved some kind of manure tank carried by a tanker truck. 

For whatever reason, one of the firefighters fell into the manure tank. One source states that this individual was trying to retrieve a piece of equipment that had fallen into the tank. Police say that as he got close to the liquid manure, he lost consciousness due to toxic fumes emanating from the tank. It was at this point that he fell into the material. Acting quickly – and with no regard for his own safety – a second firefighter bravely attempted to retrieve the first individual. However, he also passed out due to the toxic fumes. 

Both individuals lost their lives. Although they were firefighters, they were apparently off-duty at the time of the accident. Instead, they were working as contractors for a company that supports dairy farms with various services. 

Although many media sources reported on this incident, the vast majority used the phrase “freak accident” – implying that this incident was neither foreseeable nor preventable. But is this really a fair assessment? Responding to the fatalities, a representative of the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety noted that manure can release deadly fumes like hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide. 

It is not clear whether these workers were warned or educated about the fumes prior to working in close proximity to the manure. If this education had been part of the overall safety plan, they might still be alive. 

Find an Experienced Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in New York

The recent deaths of two firefighters in New York highlight the unpredictable nature of workplace accidents in the Empire State. Families who have lost loved ones to fatal accidents like this can pursue justice alongside experienced workers’ compensation lawyers. Death benefits can provide financial stability through the most uncertain times. Choose The Glassman Law Group and schedule a consultation today to get started. 


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